Waterproofing is key to the probity of any structure. After all, water is the most invasive opponent your building has. Waterproofing requires the vertical surfaces of a building the building’s Façade, If water penetration has already caused substantial impact, Allstate will presize and repair the following:

  • Mortar Deterioration
  • Water Infiltration of Lintels & Spandrels
  • Freeze & Thaw damage to joints
  • Leaks in Parapet Walls Leaks at Window Perimeters
  • Bulged Brickwork

All of these components need a top quality waterproofing system behind them to make sure water does not enter the structure. We use different types of waterproofing method. Kemper, liquid plastics, and grace products, depending on the shape of the building. Revealed elements like balcony decks and ceilings face, bad weather, temperature changes. They can be fractured leading water behind, or into the component, which can crack the concrete. These components need to be patched and coated with proper method to prevent further damages.


The roof of a building is very important as its structure. Taller buildings, weather elements, thermal shocks and energy preservations are todays biggest roofing provocations. Allstate offers up to 10-15 year no dollar limit roofing guarantees. We can help you decide which roof fits your needs, foundation problems, and financial limitations. We present a choice of various roofing systems which includes:

  • Hot & Cold applied modified Bitumen Systems
  • Heat welded modified Bitumen systems
  • Built up roofing system
  • Liquid Applied Roof Membranes
  • Torch Down

Allstate works together with our customers to make the peak of your building secured.



Exterior Restoration

With our great knowledge in the branch of Façade restoration, we provide the obligated support to assist the owner and engineer/architect throughout all the stages of restoration. Local Law 11 has changed many faces of New York City. Allstate is known for the capacity to maintain a building’s historical disposition while observing with local ordinances. Masonry repair is a major part of Exterior restoration, which includes:

  • Parapet Restoration
  • Pointing and Caulking
  • Exterior Masonry Repair & Replacement
  • Exterior Façade Cleaning
  • Brick Replacement
  • Lintel & Shelf Angles
  • Window Sills
  • Stucco Systems
  • Spandrel Repairs
  • Coating

At Allstate we believe every building to be entitled to be treated as a landmark. If protecting your buildings morals is as important to you fixing its problems. Call for Allstate Renovation.


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