Allstate Renovation are NYC Experts in Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

New York City’s Façade Inspection Safety Program” (FISP), commonly known as NYC Local Law 11, requires that owners of buildings higher than six stories must professionally inspect their buildings’ exterior walls and appurtenances once every five years. Since the introduction of FISP, many landmark, commercial, and residential building managers and owners have retained the specialized services of Allstate Renovation, to stay in compliance with FISP requirements.

Allstate Renovation, a NYC-based construction firm serving the Greater New York area, is a licensed and recognized expert in Local Law 11 repairs, safety, and maintenance.

Allstate Renovation also handles the complexities of historic landmark restorations, and renovations on a wide range of commercial and residential facility types

Check to see if your building is compliant with FISP.

If your building is six stories or more, you must comply with the Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP). Check the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) Building Information System (BIS) at the website: